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After Macron’s Statements: The New Situation Is The Old

The recent Macron statements of European security including Russia do not change anything: In fact we live in a 1938 type of situation.
The financial system is broken, only the crash is missing and sure to come. Europe, the western world, are governed by cartel-owned corrupt leaders. The lines to organize chaos and destruction are drawn. In this situation only clear and irrevocable signs may raise trust – and stabilize the crisis-ridden situation. This is what EUROPEANS can and must do:
In General:
Declaration of distance, non-support and adverse steps from all of Washington’s war mongering steps and plans, with emphasis on the new no-fly-zone for the region being installed right now in Northeastern Syria, recent arrival of fresh US naval forces in the ME theater, Mediterrainean Sea and Pe...

Peace in Ukraine – a roadmap

Preliminary Note

This roadmap draft is to be implemented in case Russia and Ukraine cannot find a solution in bilateral talks.

In any conflict or discord the first steps toward a solution tend to appear the most difficult. This solution proposal envisages six steps. Should bilateral talks between Russia and Ukraine prove unable to ensure peace and stability in the region, a second round of talks in Geneva („Geneva II“) may be instated. In this case the following road map may prove helpful.

Step 1

Russia, EU, USA and the Kiev interim regime agree soon to set at shortest possible notice a date for a second round of Geneva talks on the matter, „Geneva II“. The parties agree:

–       All decisions taken in these talks are to be completed with detailed description of steps, dates, controls ...